You wouldn’t think that a piece of paper could do much to add to the look and style of a room or event, but paper placemats are able to do just that. A humble piece of paper can transform a bland looking dinner table into something bright and unique, as well as adding a splash of color and fun to a party or some other special occasion. Perhaps the best thing about paper placemats is the massive selection of styles and designs that you have to choose from. The fact that they are also incredibly affordable means that you can regularly change out the look of your dining room without having to break the bank.

Paper Placemats

One of the most basic designs out there is round paper placemats, which are regularly used at the dinner table as a way to protect the surface upon which they sit. Many people look at this as nothing more than a functional addition to the table, but many more use their paper placemats as a way to dress up the dinner table and give it a rather bold look. This is especially true when the dinner party has a theme and the placemats can be used to add a little something. Imagine how romantic red paper placemats might look when added to a Valentine’s Day dinner setting, for example.

If you want a really unique look and don’t mind spending a little bit extra, you can now even have custom paper placemats made for your home or event. The benefits here are that you can use a color or design that is already in your home and have it made into a placemat which will be a perfect match for your existing décor. The fact that they are disposable means that you can simply change them out whenever you feel like going with a new look.

Paper Placemats

Despite the fact that paper placemats are basically made to be thrown away, there may be times when you want to hold onto one or two as a memento. The customs designs are just one example of that, but another would be personalized paper placemats that you have made for a special occasion. A perfect example of that would be a kid’s birthday party, where you can add the name and perhaps even a photo of your child to the paper placemats that you have made for the event. A wedding is another great example of when personalization can add a very nice touch.

The whole point of this article is to give you an idea of just how versatile paper placemats can be. Just because they are cheap and disposable doesn’t mean that they need to be dull and boring. If you are looking at buying paper placemats for your home, business, or special event, think about doing something a little different than just the standard white mats. Go for a splash of color that will help bring a theme to life, or maybe add a personal touch that will be sure to delight everyone who set eyes on the placemats.